Live Tracing is used for Image Editing to experiment with existing Image come with New Version

Live Tracing

Live tracing is a technique used in image editing that is useful if you want to experiment with existing pictures and come up with new versions of the image. Basically you resort to live tracing if you have a scanned image that you want to trace so that you create a brand new image. There are some Live Tracing software available on the Internet and one of the most famous ones is Adobe Illustrator. You can choose the software that you are most comfortable with though - just make sure that it has a Live Tracing function.

The advantage with using the Live Tracing technique is that you get to select the details that will be emphasized in the new drawing. You can make portions of the new drawings shaded as lightly or as heavily as you like. You may also choose the color scheme you want to use for each version. This gives each drawing you come up with fairly unique details and may be even more attractive than the original image. However, the beauty of each version will depend a lot on the aesthetic skills you already have - meaning that even if you have a high end software with Live Tracing options you still have to know how to draw or sketch to make each drawing good looking.

The right opportunity to do Live Tracing for your project

This can be a drawback for people who lack sufficient talent in art or are not experienced enough in the use of image editingsoftware.

For those who have a hard time learning how to use image editing software one alternative is to seek help from an artist. Your preferred artist should know how to use the software as well as know how to make beautiful drawings. This means that if you submit a scanned image for Live Tracing the artist should be able to give you different versions of the same image to choose from. You may also give instructions on what you want to see in each version. Otherwise you need to let the artist have leeway over what the subsequent versions will look like.

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