Many artists learn how to draw first by sketching on paper with a pencil


If you have ever gone to an art exhibit one type of artistic technique that you may have been enthralled with is sketching. Many artists learn how to draw first by sketching on paper with a pencil. The good news is that there are now computer programs that you can use to make your photo or picture look like a pencil sketch by an artist. This sketch image effect will allow you to come up with sketch images that you can then post on your blog or website for your visitors to admire.

The advantage with using the sketch image effect is that the nuances of the object in your photo or picture will become apparent, compared to the usual pictures or photos that you take with a digital camera. Sketch image effects also make your image look more interesting and unique, especially because there are not that many websites or blogsites that rely on sketch images yet. Most websites or blogsites just display digital photos as is without any additional rendering. These pictures may look nice but not unique so visitors will probably forget them easily. If you want to draw attention to your website or blogsite then sketch rendering is the way to go.

Why the sketch image effect is a good image editing technique to use

When using sketch image effects you can actually make different versions of the same picture. For example, one version could use dark pencil sketch effects while another version could feature lighter pencil strokes instead. You could also use both the dark pencil and the light pencil techniques in the same photo. One reason there are two sketch options is because some objects look better sketched with a light freehand stroke such as faces. Other objects have a better effect when you use the dark pencil option. An artist who knows how to use the sketch option in an image editing software can manipulate the picture so that it looks better after the sketch technique has been applied.

Incidentally, image editing with sketch should also take into account the role of shadows in making a picture look professional. The use of shadows the right way on a face for example should make the features of the face look more attractive, natural and interesting to the viewer. But many newbies do not know how to do this properly. That is why you should consider hiring Picstar-Design.

At Picstar-Design we have talented artists who can make your sketch image just the way you want it. If you have a particular picture or photo that you want rendered as a sketch image, just submit it to Picstar-Design so we can work on it for you. You can ask us for a free quote on your image editing project beforehand so that you know how much it will cost to make your sketch project a reality.