What makes it special is that you can put a particular designin Masking


Masking works through the principle of "overlays" - this means that you will use layer after layer of images applied to the bottom layer which is the background. The reason you have to use multiple layers is that each layer will allow you to apply a different effect onto the background to see how it looks. For example, if your bottom layer is a background picture of a white sandy beach, you can then apply the next layer which may be in the shape of a boat. What makes it special is that you can put a particular design within the borders of the boat shape that will look good when you apply it to the background beach setting.

If you are into image editing with computer software, one technique that you may have come across is "masking". Masking allows you to create special effects in your image editing project so that you come up with a very unique final product.

Masking allows you to create special effects in your image.

Once you have found the right layer to place on the background, you can then proceed to the next "mask" or layer.

This layer could be very different from the previous layers. It doesn’t need to have the same realism. Let your artistic sensibilities have fun with this. For instance, the boat shape in the second layer could be partially transparent so that it looks like it is floating on the background beach image. With the right image editing software, you can literally let your imagination fly.

However, as with many other image editing techniques, it takes time to learn how each software will work to allow masking. This is why some people may opt to hire an image editing company - they may not have the time, energy, talent and resources to manage their own image editing project by themselves. This is where Picstar-Design comes in.

You can hire Picstar-Design to help you apply the right special effects to your image editing project, including masking. You come up with the ideas and we will help you with the application. No idea is too vague or too complex to do where image editing is concerned. With the advent of powerful image editing software and the availability of talented design professionals such as ours, you can make your project unique and appealing even when your budget is tight. So do consider using the services of Picstar-Design for any image editing that you require.