Dress color change is not difficult to change other identity techniques but it also has its challenges

Change clothing color

Some people want parts of their photos such as the color of their dress retouched because they want to look more attractive in those photos. Dress color change is not as difficult as other identity change techniques but it also has its challenges. If the dress is just a solid color all throughout, without any bling or designs to consider, then dress color change is quite simple. But if the dress to be tweaked has different shades of color on different parts plus has some unique designs then the dress color change project can be intimidating to a novice. Still, dress color change is possible if the right artist is in charge.

One of the difficulties you may encounter in dress color change is to factor in shadows and lighting into the equation. Look carefully at the dress to see where shadows lie and where lighting is in focus. This means that the artist has to manipulate the photo section by section so that the final result looks as natural as if the dress were originally that color. This is easier said than done especially if this is your first time to do a dress color change with the software. The more details the dress has, the more it will tend to have pockets of shadow and light. Any artist who will work on such a picture should have a keen eye for details so that he will not miss any particular section. Incidentally this is where many amateurs hit and miss so you may need a real pro to handle the project for you.

Why dress color change can be necessary in image editing

It is also important that the dress color the artist selects will be flattering to the person wearing that dress in the picture. Even if the dress color change was done by a pro the picture will look awful if the dress color looks terrible on the person wearing it. Ideally the artist should be able to suggest a better color to you for each dress that has to be retouched in the picture.

Of course, you would have the final say over what the picture should look like because you are paying for it but take time to consider the suggestions of the artist as well because he could be right.

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